Multimedia design | Photography | Video

I am a multimedia design artist and here I present some of my artwork. I mostly specialize in video production, visual motion arts and I also provide professional photography. As a side activity I work on projects such as graphic design layouts for design magazines. I also contribute my free time to designing and managing Carrara 3D Expo Online Magazine.

I was born in Kaunas, Lithuania on 1987.6.16. Since early childhood I exhibited great interest in arts and successfully graduated from Kaunas Art Gymnasium. After which I was offered to study digital animation by professor Jonas Gudmonas which lead me to continue my studies in interactive design and from there branched to digital animation in Vilnius College of Technologies and Design. During my studies I discovered great interest in photography and multimedia design as well as the love for 3D graphics and animated/visualizations.

After successfully graduating Vilnius College of Technologies and Design, I co-founded and created/designed an on-line magazine called Carrara 3D Expo as a learning resource for the DAZ 3D community. I also continued to work as a freelancer on numerous short films, animated visuals effects 3D/2D for various social events such as Sachteau(x) musical event and graphic design work involving print and identity design. I also volunteered my time in teaching and mentoring young designers in digital arts.

While occupied with the production of C3DE magazine I found my self also involved with journalism, interviewing designers and writing software reviews.

My professional work experiences range from working as a freelance multimedia designer for various projects and working for companies such as “Piar Reklama” video commercials company, A.G.E. Group advertising and design company and Bstudija design production studio.

Currently I am still working on various projects to further improve and perfect my digital arts and multimedia skills.

Multimedia Design

By specialty I am a multimedia designer and can work on various projects combining different medias into one solution.


I am not only an artist taking photos, but I also acquired a professional photographer degree. At the moment focused on artistic portraiture and fashion photography.

Video Making

Being a multimedia design artist means my life is deeply connected to everything video related.
I am a camera man and filmmaker. I shoot videos of various kinds:
documentary, movies, visuals, music videos, presentations, commercials… you name it.


As a multimedia design artist I am able to handle many things. Everything related to motion and imaging is my thing.