Here comes another project with amazing hair stylist Andrius Valaitis and his wonderful team. 
This time the main character wakes up in a bizarre place to find strange people there. Each person presents a new hair style for the season. 
Models: Dovilė Sipavičienė, Gintarė Norkūnaitė, Milda Mockutė, Arvydas Songaila, лика вербицкая, Tomas Butautas, Andrius Valaitis
Hairstylist: Andrius Valaitis
Assistants: Renalda Šetkuvienė, Milda Štrimaitienė
Make Up: Indrė Bednarskienė, Dovile Sipavičienė
Chareography: Ieva Krasauskaitė
Stylist: Giedrė Izabelė Kvaraciejutė
Camera man: Salvijus Stravinskas
Editor: Danas Anis
Photographer: Miglė Golubickaitė

So as autumn comes in it’s beauty and cold, I remembered one project I had honor to work on during November 2015. 
So I decided to give it a fresh spin and make a new version on 2017. 
Silent Chills is an intro movie for a hair style collection of award winning hairstylist Andrius Valaitis inspired by some ghostly movies of 2015. 
A girl is running to tell her faith friend about the arrival. Will the new lady see the destiny of the other two? Are the mansion girls whispering to help? 
Hair Style & Art Direction: Andrius Valaitis
Assisting Hairdressers: Milda Štrimaitienė, Renalda Šetkuvienė
Make up artist: Indrė Bednarskienė
Stylist: Giedrė Izabelė Kvaraciejutė
Models: Vikinta Valantinaitė, Aivaras Kovzonas, Monika Kmitaitė, Karolina Šarkaitė, Ernesta Ambrazevičienė
Video: Lead Camera man: Salvijus Stravinskas; Camera man B: Danas Anis; Assitant:Karolis Sipavičius; Video editor: Danas Anis
Photography: Miglė Golubickaitė
Music: Reflections Rise (E tone remix)