Amazing personal trainer Ruta Dauksiene at Sporthouse.

Incredible strenght of cool personal trainer Deividas J. at Sporthouse

Trainer Simonas, motivation and precision for your steps becoming fit and healthy.

Discover your inner peace with personal Trainer Laura while become fit.

Real dedication and massive results, body building champion Vilius Petrik at Sportshouse can make you crush your limits and go beyond what you think you can.

Milda Bruvere is a real inspiration, a champion of Europe women bodybuilding and fitness, she is a girl that can redefine your life and inspire sports into you.

Motivation, positive vibes and good results, all with personal trainer Zilvinas at SPORTSHOUSE

Fantastic personal trainer Viktorija at SPORTSHOUSE can make any day be cheerful and healthy.

Super fit and strong Justas at SPORTSHOUSE. Personal trainer for serious work.

A video showcasing personal trainer Gediminas P. @ SPORTSHOUSE sports club.

Hair Beauty Projects

Artistic hair collection by A. Valaitis presentation video

One more new summer kissed hair hairstyle make over by talented M. Mazuraitis.

Another great hairstyle make over by talented Marijus Mazuraitis for his wonderful client.

Sun kissed hair by Marijus Mazuraitis. Another great hair makeover we filmed for you to see.

Pink is always sexy. Wonderful hairstyle and color made by amazing hairstylist Andrius Valaitis. Had lots of fun filming

When you are friends with the best hairstylists, you are given opportunities to witness amazing craft by talented people, this time – a wonderful makeover created by talented hands of Andrius Valaitis.

Beautiful color for beautiful girl from Bahrain. Another astonishing hairstyling by Marijus Mazuraitis that I took a video of.

One more beautiful hair makeover made by Marijus Mazuraitis while I was having fun doing video of the process.

Another wonderful makeover made by hairstylist Marijus Mazuraitis. This time using some interesting coloring techniques. And there I was to record a video for you to see.

Subtle changes makes handsome men. Another great hair style for natural looks made by talented Marijus Mazuraitis.

Hot autumn in your hair. One more beautiful hair transformation made by Marijus Mazuraitis that we filmed.

When summer is getting over we meet autumn with green! Incredible transformation created by the hands of talented Marijus Mazuraitis and I was there to film it so you could see it.

Beauty is found in subtle details. Another great work by Marijus Mazurairis that we documented.

Wanna be blond? Brunette? Colorful? Why not have it all at the same time? Amazing hair styling by Marijus Mazuraitis that I had fortune to film last summer.